You Handle Your Move, We Will Handle Your Pet's

Relocating pets is complicated, and requires specialized knowledge of import/export documentation, veterinary procedures, timing, airline policies, pet  travel/crate requirements, quarantine, boarding, and animal identification. You have enough to worry about - let us handle your furry friends!As a Foreign Service Eligible Family Member, I became familiar with the confusing and complicated nature of an overseas move with your pets. Between handling: paperwork in different languages, flight bookings, quarantines, vaccinations - what a headache!  Enter DiploPets. We are here to handle the logistics for you. You focus on your international move, and we can focus on your furry friend's.

Our Story

We are familiar with Foreign Service and Military Orders! 

What We Do

Tailored, one-on-one concierge care - translation, cargo booking, escorting your pet, you name it! Email us with your request and we will respond with a proposal and quote.


We can handle last minute requests!